eEGRA in Mali

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This little girl gives a perfect performance in the invented words section of eEGRA.  She is being tested by a group of proctors who are being trained to use the instrument.  The version we developed for Mali is in French.

This version has a new feature: the ability to play back prerecorded instructions.  We added it because many administrators simplify or mispronounce the instructions for each task, inadvertently affecting the subject’s performance.  The playback feature ensures that instructions are given in full, and with standardized pronunciation.  This version also provides a drop-down menu of different languages so that instructions can be given in a different language upon demand.  This capability is critical in Mali, where young learners being testing in French reading still don’t speak enough French to grasp the instructions fully. eEGRA can replay instructions in whatever local language they speak.

We also improved the marking interface for the timed task, reducing the amount of clicking needed and speeding up administration.

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